The Verses of Life

Despite humanity’s many improvements throughout history, some problems still remain the same; problems such as avarice, apathy and the overwhelming pride that pushes individuals to disregard the needs of others. In “The Verses of Life”, (published by Partridge India, a Penguin Group Company) author Ron Sen has written down his thoughts on humanities current plight through the medium of verses.

“The Verses of Life” is a compilation of verses written in very simple language with the purpose of touching the lives of the masses. Life has undergone a major change. People today only live for themselves. And this has given rise to self-ego resulting in selfishness, wherein people only care about themselves. Simplicity and sharing have taken a backseat. This results in unhappiness and stress. Through simple verses, which have been written in rhymes, the book gives an insight to life and how this world and our lives could be much better than what we are living today.

The verses are inspirational, and it would help the readers to introspect on their own lives. It would help to open up the reader’s mind and would thus give them an insight to leading a healthy and happy life. It also touches upon issues such as terrorism, adoption, faith, and has a spiritual touch in it. There are also verses that are real-life stories that would further inspire the reader and make the reading interesting and enjoyable. Available as paperback edition and also at AmazonFlipkart and Barnes & NobleHear “The Verses of Life” Recitations by Ron Sen

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