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Who is Ron Sen?

Book launch at crossword

Book launch at crossword

Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Inspirational speaker, Trainer. Ron Sen was educated from St. Xavier’s School and College, Kolkata. Having done his graduation in Commerce, Ron completed his Company Secretaryship in 1992. He then joined the Corporate world. He did his Industrial Apprenticeship with Duncans Industries Limited and then went on to work with Nippon DendroIspat( now known as IspatIndustires Limited), Usha Martin Industries Limited, MCS Limited and Saregama India Limited. He gave up his corporate life in 2004 and then started his own business.

He got the Licence from Inlingua International School Of Languages and set up his own language school in 2004. While working as a Company Secretary, he realised the importance of English in the corporate world. He found many fumbling in interviews, many professionals getting tensed while giving presentations, many not having the confidence to confront their superiors. He attributed this lack of confidence of most of these people, to poor command over the English language. He felt that these people never had the environment where they could speak English on a regular basis. He remembered his school days where the environment was there to continuously speak the language. Keeping this in mind, he wanted to set up an institution that would cater to the needs of those who needed to improve their English language. This is how his business venture was born.

He set up a majestic infrastructure in the heart of the city of Kolkata. It was located near the crossing of Southern Avenue and S.P. Mukherjee Road. He had taken lot of loans to set up his business venture. But then with time he realised that it was a huge struggle. A point came when it had become extremely difficult to pay the Equated Monthly Instalments(EMI) of the banks. Huge money had to be paid for advertisements to keep the business afloat but the revenue generated wasn’t sufficient enough to run the business. Debtors went on the rise. Losses were mounting. He did not give up hope.

He knew that modifications were needed. In 2010, he closed his unit at Southern Avenue and shifted to a small office in Kasba with three of his most trusted people. He surrendered the licence to Inlingua, as it was no more possible to bear the burden of the Licence fees. He closed the retail business and shifted his focus to corporate business. The next three years saw him working extremely hard and within two and half years, he closed all the Bank Loans. He knew that he had never lost and he would again win this time around. This experience made him strong and he realised that with faith in one self and God, one could conquer all troubles. What one needs is to focus on the strengths rather than brood on the failures. What one needs to do is to identify on what one has rather than on what one has lost. He treats this experience as extremely valuable in his life and he believes that this has helped him to get the mind of an Alchemist.

He was then approached by the then Additional Commissioner of Traffic Police (currently the Special Commissioner of Police), to conduct Motivational Programs for the Van Drivers of Kolkata Traffic Police. Coming from a background, where English would come more natural to him, he accepted the challenge of giving his discourses in Bengali. Moreover it was extremely difficult to relate with Police Van drivers, but he still accepted the assignment. He provided Motivational talk to more than 1500 Police Van Drivers. Then he was asked to provide his Motivational talk to the Home Guards, Constables, Assistant Sub-Inspectors, Traffic Sergeants, Officers- In Charge of various Traffic Guards. By now he would have trained more than 2000 policemen at all ranks in Kolkata Traffic Police. He has also provided Motivational Talk to the officers of CID as well as to some of the policemen working in Police stations for Bengal Police.  The Kolkata Traffic Police also organised his motivational talks for the Auto and Taxi Drivers of Kolkata. It was extremely challenging to speak to these people and inspire them to behave well with their passengers. Initially although he was reluctant, he accepted this assignment too and feels extremely happy that there is already a palpable change in the attitude of the auto drivers. With the current initiative of Kolkata Traffic Police, he has started providing his Motivational Talks to local clubs in localities of Kolkata.

People who have attended his Motivational sessions have felt extremely touched by his talks and today there are huge number of repeats who come to his programs. He is popularly known as “Anandada” in Kolkata Traffic Police circles which means“ A brother who spreads happiness”.

He has also conducted Motivational Talks for Corporate houses.

He is also connected with an NGO, HaltuMeera Foundation, which imparts free education to the underprivileged children living around the slums of Kasba. He provides financial help to them. He contributes part of his earnings that he gets from Kolkata Traffic Police to this school. He is also involved in administrative activities of the school. He feels that every child in this world deserves education and that it is the responsibility of those who are blessed with education and wealth, to stand beside these children to give them a better world.

He dreams of a society where people at various walks of life would be united in their thought, would be empathetic to each other, would think for the betterment in the living conditions who live in abject poverty, who do not have basic sanitation and medical facilities. He believes that this is possible and has vowed to relentlessly work towards his dream.

He has recently published ‘The Verses Of Life’, a book of  inspirational Verses. In these verses he has covered various aspects of Life. It has covered topics like Expectation, Gratitude, Power Of Words, Living in the Present Moment ( Words of Wisdom), Happiness, Terrorism, Patriotism ( Mother’s Appeal), The Power Of Thoughts, how one cheats oneself while leading his life ( swindler) and many more. This book has received high appreciation and today many schools have approached him to make this book as a part of their syllabus for value education. When he wrote this book, he had the sole objective of spreading happiness. He mentions that it is only unselfishness through which one can attain happiness.

Ron is also a follower of his Guru, His Holiness SriSriRavi Shankar. He has attended all the courses of the Art Of Living organisation. He regularly practices all the spiritual disciplines that he has learnt from his Guruji. He is also very active into Service, as already stated above.

His organisation, Sangsaptak Management Services Private Limited provides Foreign Language Training, Soft Skill and Behavioural Training, IT training as well as provides Translation and Interpretation services. His company feels proud for having been associated with some of the leading organisations in India which includes Cognizant Technologies, Siemens, Chembiotek, Vesuvius, Price Water Coopers, Delloitte, MJunction, Tata Steel, Alstom, H&R Johnson and many more. He thanks all his clients for their support in rebuilding his organisation.

Ron family consists of his parents who have given them values, his inspiration that is his wife Shanta, without whom life wouldn’t have been what it is now, and of course his 7 year old daughter, Roshan whose affection has had a great impact on his life.

Ron loves reading. Some of his favourite authors include His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Robin Sharma, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Neapolean Hill, Jack Welsh, Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda. He has been touched by the Biographies of Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. He has derived lot of spiritual learnings from The Gospel of Sri RamkrishnaParamhansa. Other than reading , he loves watching cricket and football. His favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar, to whom he has dedicated one of his verses.

According to Ron , life is, L-Love I-Infinitely F-For E-Ever.

Ron Sen’s philosophy

Make your life big

It is extremely important to understand the purpose of life. The seed of happiness lies in contribution without expectation. Focus on contribution. Most of the time people focus on the end result rather than the contribution. Whether in work or with the family, give 100% in your effort. Focus on how, what you are doing can be made even better. Raise the quality of your effort. There is no end to improvement. And leave the result to time. It’s important to set targets but not carried away by it. The moment the mind gets stressed, it affects the performance. Remember, the result is not in one’s hand but the effort surely is. It is very important to be positive in one’s approach. One should not get carried away by failures. Failures are just like a bus station, where the Bus of Life stops for some time. Take notice of the failures but don’t get burdened by it. Learn from it. All great inventions have come out of failures . All great people have tasted more failures than success. So don’t be cowed by them. Make those adjustments which may be necessary and carry on. Again success is also like a bus station. Savour success and then move on. Let not complacency affect the mind.

The mind of a peak performer is like the sharp edge of a knife. With relentless practice, the performer reaches a state of mind wherein he has the confidence to perform. But this comes out of  failures as well as success. A performer is not affected by criticism. He accepts criticism to the extent he needs to improve and the rest he dumps. He knows he has his goal to reach and nothing in the world can stop him from reaching it. He doesn’t brood. He is brave.

Maintain work and family balance. Life is not about spending all the time in office. A balance needs to be found between work and home. What most people forget is that if there is no happiness at home, there cannot be a good mind at work. It is extremely important to spend quality time with the family. It is very important to feel loved and give love at home. There is no point saying “ I earn for my family and that is why all this hard work.” There is no end to this. Your family needs you. There is no point working hard and coming home to see a few unhappy faces.

And then think for the larger family. That is this world. One should ask oneself “ What have I done beyond myself? Why will I be remembered? Have I been able to expand myself? Have I given a gift to someone whereby I have changed that person’s life? Are there some people in this world outside my immediate family who are eager to meet me? Have I been able to leave a legacy which would be cherished by the world?” If the answer is yes, then one is on the right path. And if the answer is no, then it’s time to think. Remember each day that one wakes up, it is a new day in his life. One should make most of it.

Ron’s Motivational Talk

Mind- The Alchemist- Make yourself valuable.

Ron provides three hours of Motivational Talks in a session. All his motivational talks start with rhythmic clapping, breathing exercises, and guided meditation. He believes that for a listener to listen and get inspired, it is extremely important to create the right mind set. People are extremely stressed today, so unless the mind becomes relaxed, it shall not be in a position to absorb the thoughts that he shares with participants. Ron uses video clippings to make his talks more interesting for the participants. His talks are interactive and have a powerful impact on the mind.

The objective behind his Motivational talks is how one can expand his mind and can use the full potential of the mind to reach success.He helps the participants to identify the blocks that are there in the mind and how they can be removed so that the mind acts very fast. His motivational talks stress a lot on positive thinking and how one could convert the negativities into positives. He gives lot of illustrations of people who have turned around their lives with the strength of their mind. He gives his own examples of how he has lived his life,inspite of some of the most difficult circumstances that have prevailed on him. He explains the meaning of faith and the impact of faith on the self. He shares some of his verses from his book ‘The Verses of Life’ with the participants and asks them to explain those verses and relate them with their personal and professional lives. He is extremely candid in his talks. Thus through some hard hitting talk, he makes one realize how one could modify oneself to lead a better life. His sessions also consist of humour. He believes that life is all about smiling and a smile is a basic pre-requisite in all his programs. He carries a mirror with him and whenever a participant looks extremely serious, the mirror is flashed on his face. He talks about relationships both at home and in office. His programs are full of life and make the audience spell bound.

Ron talks on leadership and the essence of a true leader. He stresses that a leader is one who is inspirational. One who delegates, but takes full responsibility for his team. A leader is a guide, a brother, a mentor and a coach for the entire team. He doesn’t take credit for himself but distributes the success amongst the team. As a visionary, he knows the path and guides his team towards it. Failure doesn’t deter a leader. Success doesn’t make him complacent. Leaders go to any extent in achieving their mission but while doing it they take care of their team. He looks into the problems of the team members and tries his best to solve them. He strikes such a rapport with his team members that they can even confide their personal problems with him. He becomes a brother to them. The leader tries to build up leadership qualities amongst his followers and that is where he mentors his followers. But while being inspirational, he is firm. He remands the team members in case he feels they are deviating from the path. He reminds his team the goal, and inspires them to work towards reaching it. Ron while talking on leadership programs, gives examples of some great leaders who have created great teams and touches upon all the facets of a great leader.

Ron also provides talks to managerial groups. As a Manager, one is responsible in fulfilling the visions of a leader. What are the impediments that usually plague a team and how they should be handled is what Ron discusses in leadership and management programs.

He also does programs on motivating sales teams. Sales are in the mind. It is a passion. One should believe in what one is selling. One should be confident that he would be the buyer in case the same product would have been sold to him. Targets can be achieved easily when the passion for the product and the passion to sell can be interwoven. A seller needs to exactly know his buyer. Rather than pushing his buyer, he needs to strike a chord with the buyer and then relate the needs of the buyer with the product. He doesn’t sell products, he sells relationships. There is no humiliation for failure to sell. Each time a sale is rejected, the mind becomes more focussed. The question is not       “Why I couldn’t sell?” but “So what if I couldn’t sell?” Usage of the right words in the mind makes it impactful and powerful. Ron’s motivational sessions talk of the usage of right words to overcome disappointment and to get inspired to do even better. Rather than getting depressed of past events, focus should be on the present. Immaculate planning, rehearsing a sale in the mind, makes it easier for the salesman to sell his stuff. These all form part of his program.

In the Motivational programs for Kolkata Traffic Police, Ron works on the stress busting of the police force. He uses breathing exercises, meditation, rhythmic clapping and video clippings to inspire them. He has also recently started using Verses from “The Verses of Life”, wherein the policemen are asked to analyse a few verses. Groups are formed and each group comes up with its analysis. At the end a summary is drawn up of how life could be lived better. Ron through his talks instils and restores the pride of a policeman which due to excessive stress sometimes gets lost in them. He asks the policemen to focus on what they have rather than complaining about their misery. He stresses to the policemen to create a healthy relationship with their wives and children and also talks on the ill effect of addiction. In the Motivational Sessions with the auto drivers which are organised by Kolkata Traffic Police, stress is laid on self -respect and respect for others. He talks of positive words and the impact of negative language and abuses on the mind. Through these programs, he influences the Auto drivers to rethink about the way they live.  In the Motivational Sessions for the local clubs which are also organised by Kolkata Traffic Police, Ron stresses on the importance of the role of these club in the improvement of the social and living conditions of people in their locality.

His motivational talks are to a great extent influenced by the spiritual learning that he has picked up from his Guru, as well as through various other books. He knits his spiritual learning with his personal experiences and how spirituality can help people to overcome troubled times. His program is a wonderful blend of spirituality and practicality.

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