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We all go through stress. Stress creates pressure on the mind. And often we find it very difficult to absorb the stress. And that is when we resort to negative thinking. Negative thinking results in lot of abnormalities and complexities. It results in fear which again causes in demotivation, inaction and procrastination. Often people start suffering from inferiority complex. Self- doubts plague the mind. People suffer from anxiety, which results in nervousness. As people lose faith in themselves, they get into a shell and lose complete confidence. Lack of assertiveness, low self- esteem are some of the resultant factors of a complex mind. And gradually all this results in loneliness and depression. We tend to hold on to our past impressions and don’t want to look into the future.

These personal counselling sessions are between one and half hours to two hours each session. A complete study of the individual is done to find out the cause of the problem as well as the character traits which results in problem for the individual. Then through breathing exercises, meditation, positive assertions, various exercises, videos, inspirational talks, similar or close to similar case studies are shared with the participant seeking counselling. The participant is given exercises to be done at home. The number of sessions may vary from 5 and there is no upper limit and it all depends upon the complexity of the problem. Two follow up sessions are taken after the end of one month from the end of the counselling sessions.

Who can do it

  • People suffering from anxiety and stress
  • People suffering from personal problems related to work and relationships.
  • People suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorders
  • People suffering from lack of concentration.
  • Age group : 10 and above

Counselling for some common problems are also available with Ron Sen.

Counselling for joint family related problems : Often newly married couples or even married couples have to face problems in a joint family setup with their in laws such problems have a deep impact on the mind and creates a rift in the relationship between the husband & the wife. Such problems have to be handled with very deep understanding of the problem both at a physiological level as well as a psychological level.

Counselling marriage related problems : Although marriage is a very beautiful institution, but often the stress of modern day life creates misunderstandings and stress in relationships between the couples.

Child related problems : Today with most parents a way at work bringing up children is becoming a very difficult task. The complexities in the relationships between parents and child are increasing resulting in disobedience & distress at home. The studies of children are also suffering.


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