Motivational Training Programs

Motivational Training Programs


Change your destiny


This talks of the 6Ds which can make the 7th D. The 6 Ds are Dream, Decision, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Delivery which makes the 7th D which is Destiny.

We all want to have a better future. We all want to live our dreams. We want to change our destiny. We all want to become extraordinary.

This program is an inspirational program which will make the participant understand of how he can achieve his goals and change his life. Lot of live examples of successful as well as unsuccessful people are given so that the participant knows what it takes to change his destiny. The videos used are highly inspirational which makes the participant believe that they can also change their future. The detailed analysis of the 7ds through the powerful talk of Ron Sen makes the participant realise that where they have got stuck and what they need to do to move forward and to achieve their dreams and change their destiny.

Who can do : Students and Professionals

Duration : 3 hours.

Karlo Duniya Muthhi Mein


This talks of the 3Cs which are extremely important in one’s life to succeed. These 3Cs are Clarity of thoughts, Communication skills and Confidence in one’s character. These 3 Cs go hand in hand and once one can concentrate and work on these 3cs, they can conquer the world. Today people who have clear thoughts and clear expression of thoughts are the one who have the confidence to succeed. These people do not fear as with these 3 cs they can overcome all difficult situations.

Lot of stories and videos will be shared with the participants along with the motivational talk of Ron Sen will inspire them so that they can work on the 3 cs to lead a better life.

Who can do this : Students and Professionals

Duration : 2 hours

You become what you think


This is a program which talks of how your thinking makes you what you are. It talks of the difference in the character traits between happy and unhappy people. It further shows the participants about how our mind works, through which the participant can relate as to where he needs to improve in his way of thinking. The program also shows the importance of creativity and how it can change the life of an individual. An extremely inspirational program which will influence the thought process of the participants and make them understand that they are nothing but products of their own thoughts.

Lot of stories and videos will be shared with the participants along with the powerful talk of Ron Sen will give them a better understanding of how to deal with their thoughts.

Who can do this: Students and Professionals

Duration : 2 hours

You are the Chosen One

You are the Chosen One

This is an extremely inspirational program which makes the participant realise that he can excel in what he does only when he believes that he is the chosen one to do his role. No one was born extra ordinary but the ones who became extraordinary are the ones who believed that they were the chosen one to perform their role. This program takes the participants through the path which all great people did to excel in their work and thus become The Chosen One. And through this program the participants realise that they could also become the chosen one only if they could follow the steps of these great men who made a mark of themselves in their work.

Live examples, stories and videos along with the powerful talk of Ron Sen makes the program motivational and enthralling.

Who can do this: Students and Professionals

Duration : 2 hours

Marriages are planned in heaven but made on earth


This program is mainly aimed at inspiring married couples. This program touches upon the importance of expectations and communication between the couples. Often in a marriage, either the husband or the wife does not understand the expectations of each other. They do not realise that expectations are the root cause of most troubled marriages. And this understanding doesn’t happen because of lack of communication in between the couples. The reason for extra marital relation stems from the fact that either of them are not fulfilled from the marriage. And if the communication between them is clear, then this can be avoided.

Ron Sen through his powerful talks takes the participants through some practical problems which couples face while on their path. This program is an eye opener to many who are currently going through troubled marriages. Practical examples and experience sharing of some happy couples are the main attraction of this program.

Who can do this : Newly wed couples, couples going through a difficult marriage or couples who are married and would like to get a better insight of a happier married life.

Duration : 2 hours.

Shramik O Durghotona


This is a program which is conducted for the workers of a factory. The entire session is taken in Bengali. This is a highly inspirational program which links the thought process, communication and then links this to accidents. It is an extremely interactive program wherein the workers also share their thoughts. Accidents happen due to lack of concentration and this happens because of various reasons. It could be 1) Problems in the family 2) Discontent in the workplace 3) Trying to rush up work etc.

And through his talk and videos, Ron Sen illustrates the effect of the thoughts which to a great extent results in accidents while at work

For whom : For Blue collared workers.

Duration : 4 hours

Inspiring Leaders


This is a 2 day Motivational Workshop for leaders. This program is based on the practice of the leadership qualities of some of the great leaders of the world. What they did to motivate their team, how did they handle people, what the great leaders did to get the best out of their team, and how poor leadership can ruin the morale of the team are all shared with the participants.

This program consists of the talk of Ron Sen, videos wherein interviews of some great leaders are shown, games eliciting team work is played. At the end of the program the participant learns the traits of a leader and ways of motivating his team to achieve the most.

For whom : For senior managers who are about to take leadership roles and for existing leaders who are looking for ways to motivate their team.

Course Duration : 2 days

A Happy work Place increases productivity


This is an inspirational program for leaders. This program talks how the thoughts of the leader influences his team. The more the positive thinking, more the use of positive words and more the appreciation, more is the effort, more is the desire to perform which automatically increases the productivity of the team members. Ron Sen shares some very important but very simple and practical tips which could be very easily practiced. This program has been a huge success with the Kolkata Police and some of the tips shared by Ron Sen has shown great results in boosting the morale of the Kolkata Traffic Police force.

Ron Sen with his powerful talks and use of some motivational videos inspires the leaders as well as guides them to create a happy team. He believes that happiness and contentment automatically increases the desire of the individual to perform even better. The individual becomes hungry of appreciation and recognition which pushes him to perform better.

For whom : Leaders who are looking for increased productivity from their team

Course Duration : 3 hours.

The Path to Success

Success word on puzzle piece

This inspirational program talks of what are the things that one needs to keep in mind to get success in life. How a man thinks determines his success.

Course Duration: 3 hours.

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