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Interview Session with Ron Sen – Motivational Speaker & Author

Hi, I am Ananya. I have with me Mr. Indrajyoti Sengupta. Mr. Sengupta whose pen name is Ron Sen, has written” The Verses of Life”. He is also a Motivational Speaker and has done innumerable number of programs with Kolkata Traffic Police. He has also motivated and inspired the Auto Drivers of Kolkata who are famous for their high handed behaviour with the public. So this is Indrajyoti  Sengupta for us.

a)      Hi, how has it been after the publication of your first book?

Oh! It’s been simply great. To see my verses in the form of a book has been quite amazing. In fact I was extremely excited to see my book for the first time.

b)      So how did the journey of ‘The Verses of Life’ start?

Well, life has always excited me. I remember having seen a video in youtube called The Coffee Cup where the Professor said that Life was the coffee and not the cup. But most of the time we chase the cup and forget to savour the coffee. My spiritual initiation with my courses in the Art Of Living, founded by my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, gave me a feel of life. Gradually I have realised that every moment of life is joyful if it can be lived in the right way. The ups and downs of life have made me understand that God is the Supreme and it is on whom everything depends. Then one fine day, I think around 2007, I started writing these verses. I have written more than 200 verses out of which I chose around 33 to get published in my first book.

c)       What do you mean by living life the right way?

Life is an energy. The realisation that we are nothing but a ball of energy, which has immense potential that can be channelized in the right way. Again, when the same energy is used in a wrong manner, can cause lot of harm and destruction. This energy that we possess needs to be used in a positive manner. And the more we use it positively will the energy expand and thus give bigness to itself. And this energy that we have within us, is what I feel as God.

d)      What do you mean as positive living?

Positive living means leading a life with a purpose.  The purpose is important but the outcome of our action is not. What I mean is that we should all have a purpose to live and give our 100% towards achieving it but without getting feverish of the outcome.  The more we become attached to the outcome, we invite stress which gives rise to the negative energy within us and which again becomes a deterrent to our progress in achieving our objective.

e)      Are you trying to say we shouldn’t expect results even if we have given our best?

Not everything is in our hand. There are certain factors which are beyond our control. So inspite of giving your best, you may not achieve what you wanted. In such case if you are positive, you shall rethink your strategies. On the other hand if you think negative, you grumble and brood, thus you  move away from the purpose and lose the enthusiasm to carry on with the project.

f)       How do you control dejection and frustration coming out of failure?

Failure is a word which has immense value in my life. Every time I fail, I know that there was something which I did which needed a correction. This helps me to perfect myself. It is extremely important to accept failures. And this can happen only when your purpose is aligned to what you love doing. Whatever you do, you must be fully involved with it and in such a situation, you will never be scared of failures. Remember a man who never fails, never wins.

g)      You have a Verse called  “Ego- The mask of a man”. Can you elaborate on ego?

Ego is the I. It is good to have an ego when you use it positively. And positive use of the ego is when you know that within you lies the power of God. And God is all about love. And you can align yourself with Him and start loving this world as if this world is yours. Are you understanding what I am saying? When the purpose of your life is aligned to the purpose of this world, this Ego is very good.  But in most cases, Ego is a mask which we wear wherein we cover our own selves. We think ourselves to be the role which we are playing in this world and thus lose our natural selves. For example, if an actor who is acting as a drunkard, really becomes a drunkard in his own life. By playing the role of a drunkard, he aligned his own self with the role and became a drunkard in real life. If I say this you may say I am mad but that is exactly what happens with all of us. Suddenly we become a Managing Director, or a Doctor or a filmstar and thus we lose our real selves. And the moment we lose our real selves unhappiness creeps in. We have to understand that we are playing different roles at different times of our life. And each of these roles are temporary. It may stay for some time but it shall not be permanent. The moment we want these roles to be permanent, insecurity steps in . We are scared of losing the role, our position in society. This hurts our ego and gives pain.

h)      How can we conquer our ego?

Simply by realising that we were born naked and we shall die naked. Nothing in this world belongs to us. It is He who has given us certain things to enjoy till we live and we will have to give up everything when we get His call to go back to Him.

i)        Do you mean to say prestige and status have no value?

The only value they have is to increase your pain. The more you associate yourself with prestige and status you lose out on your natural self and insecurity creeps in. Then you take stress to hold on to your status and prestige, which overrides love and ultimately you become unhappy.

j)        So what to you is the best way of living life?

When you realise that your life is meant for a larger cause and start thinking of contribution. People who have contributed have become immortals. Contribution has resulted in inventions and discoveries.  These people took immense pain to give something new to this world. And this path is not easy. Mother Teresa has become a saint. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi will never be wiped off from this world. Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, William Shakespeare are bound to stay till this world lives.  Today the world around is going through extreme difficult times.  If all of us work towards the betterment of the world, in no time will we see a positive change happening. And this change will affect our lives in a positive manner.

k)      What is your advise to teenagers who are starting their life now?

Lead a life of values. Live a life in your terms. Don’t fall into the trap of leading a life which is not yours, that is, don’t imitate something which is not for you. Be aware of your environment and take a procative role in improving the situations around you. Take responsibility of your actions.

l)         As a Motivational Speaker, what would you like to say to your audience?

Be a happy person. There is only one life. It can end any day. So live every moment of your life happily. Have gratitude towards everyone who is making a difference to your life. And focus on life rather than the peripheries of life. Life is “ Love Infinitely For Ever”. So go on loving everyone whether you know that person or not. Remember in everyone lies God. So love everyone. Make service an integral part of your life. If you think of spending 1000 rupees on a dress, then spend 900 and donate the 100. Remember you will enjoy wearing that dress even more.  Do not brag of what you have as nothing belongs to you. It may be taken away from you any moment.  Smile and make others smile. Live a life of “ Wow”.

m)    What is the overall theme of your book?

The overall theme of “The Verses of Life” is to spread awareness amongst the readers of what is stopping people today of being happy, and how one could take control of oneself and lead a happy life.

n)      How is your book relevant in today’s society?

Today’s society is plagued with stress and anxiety. The more people are running after wealth and status, the more people are feeling insecure. People are always scared of the future. Happy families are evaporating today. People have lot to flaunt but what they lack is happiness. Selfishness overrides love and care.  Although people are born with eyes, they become blind to what is happening around them. Their egos acts as a blindfold which makes them feel that they are the supreme. Values and ethics take a backseat in today’s society. Certain actions of the society go against nature. And thus creeps in negativity in the form of anger, jealousy, hatred, which results in depression of the mind. My book aims at giving clarity of thinking, talks of God as the Supreme, talks about the hollow people of today’s society, and how sharing and caring can heal the world and make the society happy.

o)      Do you sound too idealistic?

I am very practical. Having seen life for 45 years, I do have an understanding of life. And I have understood that happiness only comes out of being selfless.

p)      How have you contributed to society?

I have been extremely active with the Kolkata Traffic Police. I provide Motivational Sessions to the Traffic Sergeants, Constables and the Assisstant Sub inspectors. These people are extremely stressed. Moreover they are doing a thankless job day after day. They are rarely appreciated. As a result, most of them feel extremely demoralised. Through my sessions, I try to raise their spirit and enthusiasm and try to make them understand they form a very important part of the society. I am also involved with Haltu Meera Foundation, a school, for the underprivileged children.  These children live in slums and in extreme conditions. The founder, Reba Roy set up this foundation in 2010 with an objective of providing education to these children. The school today has 50 children. Education in English is primarily a focus here. Children are also provided meals free of cost.  I try to help them financially as well as help them with administrative work. Recently the foundation has got exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. The Foundation has also now got its own website. My appeal to everyone would be to visit the site and see the kind of work this foundation is doing and contribute to this cause.


It was very enlightening to hear from Indrajyoti Sengupta alias Ron Sen. Wish him all the success in his journey of Life.

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