Heart touching real stories by Indrajyoti Sengupta

Heart touching real stories by Indrajyoti Sengupta

✿✿ The Divine act  ✿✿✿✿
One day I was walking past Lake Market towards the Kalighat Metro Station. On my way, I suddenly saw an old woman crying out for water. The pedestrians who were passing by or the hawkers, none of them paid any heed to the cries of that old woman. I paused for a moment and then found a confectionary shop. I walked into the shop and got a pastry, patties and a bottle of water for the woman. As I came out to give the food and the water, I found that a young man was taking the old woman along with him. I asked him where he was taking the woman as she was crying for water some time back. The man replied “Sir, there you see a shop where they serve rice. I am hungry, so I thought why not take the Buri Ma( old mother) with me and also quench her hunger and thirst as I would do mine.” I folded my hands in gratitude before the young man, as I felt that the Divine was standing in front of me. I then gave the food and the water to the old woman and told her to have when she feels hungry again. God lives in all of us, but we can feel and see Him only through acts of kindness.

✿✿ You get back what you do ✿✿✿✿
Once I went to Bangladesh and as I came out of the aircraft and was walking towards the immigration counter, I found a lady with two heavy bags in her hands. Although I did not know her, I still I volunteered to hold her bags. She gave me one of her bags and I carried it for her till the immigration counter as after that our queues would be different.
In that same trip when I was coming back from Bangladesh, I realized after my immigration was done that I had left my Insulin Pen in the pocket of the backseat of the taxi in which I went to the airport. I immediately called my friend who was escorting me to the airport to know whether he was still in the taxi. When he replied in the affirmative, I asked him whether he could find my Insulin Box in the pocket of the back seat of the taxi. The moment he said it was there, I asked him to get it back to the airport. Then I approached the Immigration Police and requested them if I could go and collect my Insulin Box as that was a Life savior drug for me. But the Immigration Police negated my pleas and told me that once immigration was done they could in no way allow me to go outside the security area. I was in a fix when an Immigration Police overheard my discussion and asked me to go and meet the head of the Immigration Police. When the head of the Immigration Police heard my story, he immediately came up with a solution. He sent one of his policemen to collect the Insulin Box from my friend who was standing at the gate. Very soon he came and handed over the box to me. I realized that the more I help others, the more help will be sent to me.

✿✿ God blesses those who help others ✿✿✿✿
Once we had gone to visit Darjeeling. As my wife was busy with her shopping chores in the Mall, my daughter and I decided to go to Keventer’s to have ice cream. While we were coming back, we found a man, a lady and a young boy standing in the midst of the road with their luggage. It seemed they were trying to trace their hotel. The man was trying to get the directions from the hotel over the phone but was not being able to understand how to go. Once he hung up, we went up to him and asked him where his hotel was. He said his hotel was on the road where the horse stables were situated. I knew the place, so we started escorting them to their destination. Once we found their hotel, the man heaved a sigh of relief and thanked us profusely.
The very next day evening the man met us that is my wife, daughter and myself, in the mall. The man came up to us and narrated the previous day’s incident to my wife and expressed his gratitude. I felt as if I was being blessed by God.

✿✿ A Thank you can do Magic ✿✿✿✿
When I go to the office, parking my car on the road is a bit of a problem. The buses of a nearby school occupy most of the vacant spaces on the road and it is very difficult to find a space. One morning as I was struggling to park my car, there was a small Matador van parked there. When the man inside the van saw me struggling, he removed the van so that I could park my car in that space. Once I came out of my car after parking, I thanked the man and gave him a candy. He was very happy and asked me the time when I usually come in the morning. I told him the time but did not know why he asked me about it. Later I realized that whenever I come in the morning, he is there at that time and removes his van so that I can park my car in that space. A thank you, a small act of gratitude, can do wonders. Try it and you will see the magic.

✿✿ Don’t get negatively affected by criticism-challenge it ✿✿✿✿
My daughter could never win a prize in her school’s sports till she came to Class II. When she was in Class II, on the morning of the Sports Day, I told her that she was weak and couldn’t compete with her fellow mates and that she was a loser. I told her that she would always have to stand on the sidelines and see others winning medals and that winning medals for her would be a far-fetched dream. On that same day she won her first bronze medal, and then the next year she won another bronze, and this year she won two silver medals.
I was chatting with her on this a few days back when she said that I had made her angry by saying that she was not capable, and she had felt challenged. She wanted to show me how capable she was and that is what prompted her to give her best on that Sports Day where she won her first bronze medal.
I realized that rather than getting negatively affected by my comments, she felt challenged and gave her best. So, rather than sulking when someone comments negatively about you, challenge it. You will see amazing results.

✿✿ My Child becomes my Teacher ✿✿✿✿
As a cheerleader for humanity, I have always tried my best to help people when they are in need. And I always share stories of humanity with my ten-year old daughter. About two years back, once I went back home from the office and she came up to me and said: “Baba, I have a story to tell you today and it is a story very similar to your kind of stories.” Hearing this from her, I felt very excited. And then she said “I had gone for swimming to the Club. After my swim I felt very hungry, so went to the confectionary shop and bought two buns, one I would have then itself and the other for the evening. While I was waiting at the club gate for Ma to pick me up, I found a poor boy walking past. I called him and gave the second bun which I had bought. He took it from me and went away. I felt very happy after sharing the bun with the boy”. It was an amazing lesson she taught me, that sharing and caring is the key to happiness.

✿✿ Sacrifice for humanity ✿✿✿✿
Around 5 years back, I had met Reba Roy (we fondly call her Rebadi). She was my wife’s and daughter’s music teacher. With time I realized that she had an NGO where she provided education free of cost to the underprivileged children in the locality. And this entire school was being run by her with the money she earned through imparting her music lessons. We always had the intent of helping her and did our bit but that was very small compared to the big work that she was doing. But she never complained and till today she goes on running that school from her house.
Once I remember, she looked unwell. I found out from the person who takes care of her that she hadn’t eaten proper meals for the past few days and was living on muri (puffed rice). I felt this is the biggest sacrifice that one can make for humanity that is to give up her own needs for the sake of others.
And the result of her sacrifice was a joyful story she shared with me with lot of pride. A girl called Sarbani, from a very poor family, whose mother is illiterate and works as a house help, once received a registered letter from the Post Office after signing the receipt. This was unthinkable keeping in mind the deplorable state that family lives in. But it was all for the initiative of Rebadi that Sarbani learnt to sign and accept her letters which no one in her family has ever done. Sarbani today studies in Class IV.
If you want to be a part of this great evolution and would like to sacrifice a bit for humanity then please do get in touch with her at 9903720724.

✿✿ A Policeman with a heart ✿✿✿✿
Once I was taking a Motivational Session for the Kolkata Traffic Police. While we were interacting, a Traffic Sergeant wanted to share his story. He said once he was doing duty outside Calcutta Medical College when he saw an old couple coming out of the hospital. He observed that the old lady was crying. So he went up to her and asked her what had happened? The lady said that her husband was unwell and the hospital had recommended a few tests for which she had no money. They lived quite far and she would have to come another day for the tests after organizing the money. Hearing this, the Traffic Sergeant escorted them back to the hospital, and then spoke with the Hospital Superintendent, got them some discounts and then he paid for the tests of that old man. The old lady thanked the Traffic Sergeant and blessed him before leaving. After a few days, she came back and gave the money to the Traffic Sergeant.
Help without expectation and then you will see how happy you feel. It was great to meet a Policeman with a golden heart.

✿✿ A steel resolve – Uncompromising to uphold values and principles ✿✿✿✿
I know a young lady who had a resolve. The resolve was to maintain her self -respect. She had taken loans for her higher studies. She was sure that once she qualified, she would be able to earn and repay her loans. After qualifying, she got a job, but unfortunately, the company cheated her and she did not get paid after working for quite some time. Then she joined my organization. Her name is Sucheta Mukherjee. After speaking to Sucheta, I understood that a substantial part of her salary goes in repayment of her loans but still she carries on with a steel resolve. Although her father had volunteered to help her to pay off the loans but her self-esteem is what made her stick to the resolve, even if that meant depriving herself of many worldly pleasures which girls at her age generally enjoy.
The people who never compromise their principles are the ones who become great in life. My best wishes to Sucheta and all those who are uncompromising to uphold their values and principles even if it means hardship for some time.

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