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Story of Vikas – Personal motivational counselling & happy positive living counselling by Ron Sen

Vikas, 38years old had come to Ron. He was going through a very tough phase in his life. He had given up his job and had started his own business. He has been into business for 4 years. But he hasn’t able to progress much. His business hasn’t progressed in 4 years and he was feeling out of place. He had taken the advise of many counsellors, but still he could not make much headway. He had seen Ron Sen from Google and called him up on 15th April 2014. Thereafter Ron took 4 sessions of two hours each. While travelling his life stories with Ron, Vikas realised where he was going wrong and what needed correction. He realised that procrastination was his biggest enemy. Failures and condemnation from his family and friends had forced him to lose faith in himself. He had the desire to perform but something was pulling him back. When Ron took him through how “How the Mind Works”, Vikas instantly said that failures had made him inactive to work and from wherein came procrastination. Ron taught Vikas breathing exercises and meditation.  He shared some motivational stories and shared some life skills with him. He shared some thoughts of Swami Vivekananda and today Vikas has become a great fan of Swamiji.  He feels with the positive assertions that he has been taught by Ron to do everyday morning and night, he shall be able to win over his tough times and will be a winner. Vikas has today become assertive in his work and looks to become big in his trade. He has a dream of owning a Mercedes carand he feels that with Ron as his mentor it is very much possible.

If you are going through relationship, business or any problems related to your job or children, don’t hesitate to contact Ron today. It is a combination of understanding you, then making you understand about yourself and sharing real motivational stories and incidents, Ron will get you back the renewed energy to perform or give your best to improve and overcome your problems.

“Do not shed tears,

Overcome your fears,

For fears are like demons in your mind,

They always pull you behind,

So drop the fears and rise

Only then can life give you a prize”.

Author: Ron sen


How Ron Sen a well known personal counselor in kolkata Helped Kaushik Chakraborty to over come new challenges.


Kaushik Chakra borty, by profession a policeman, has been shifted from his earlier role to a new role and finding it very difficult to adapt himself to his new role. He is not assertive and his decisions are getting effected as he is not assertive. He feels that his decisions may not be liked some of his superiors. Thus the decisions that he is taking is to appease others, as a result his work is suffering.

Personal Counsellor in kolkata-Ron Sen

Kaushik had been always been a good sportsman. He had no fear when he used to be on the field. But he used to be always guided by others opinion. He was made aware of this character trait that he had from childhood. He used to be often guided by his friends. He was always very sympathetic towards his friends and would often adhere to their request although he knew that keeping such a request would not be right for him. He never had the courage to say “No.” He was more concerned of how his friends would think of him if he did not listen to them. This made him very unhappy at home. This same behavioral syndrome has been found in his work. His lack of assertiveness has made him suffer from depression. He cannot do his work the way he wants to as his decisions are guided on others consideration. He knows that what he is doing not right, but does not have the courage to say” no”. This happens also because of lack of confidence. He was told to practice meditation on a regular basis. He was told to be aware of this thought process. Through question answer sessions, he realized the folly of being non- assertive. Today Kaushik has worked on this character and found lot of improvements in his work as well as family life.

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