June 2015


Identify and use it to the best of your ability

All of us are competent in something or the other. We must identify our competency. This competency can be identified from our childhood. Some children are good in sports, some are good in art, some are good in music and some may be good in studies. As parents, we need to identify the competency and then help the child to build on her competencies. The child should be encouraged to practice further on her competency. Stress should be given on the competency and there should be no compromise. My nephew is an extremely competent swimmer. He has won lot of medals in the inter club swimming competitions. Very soon he is going to participate in the Nationals. He is just 10 year old. My sister has put in all her efforts as well as channelized his efforts in what he does best and that is swimming.  And this is bound to yield result as my sister is extremely uncompromising on his regular practice, on his swimming diet, on his regular physiotherapy sessions and everything associated with swimming. Today Sachin Tendulkar became an icon as he had worked tirelessly on his competency.  It is extremely important to have self- belief that one will be the best at what he is competent.


We all need to identify at what we are best at and then build further in it so that we could become the best. Never waste your competency as if you waste, remember you lose a life which had lot of promises but failed to encash on the competency.  Today not only individual success but team success too depends on how best the captain of the team uses the competency of each team member.  In the last edition of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders became champions.  In that tournament last year, Robin Uthappa was initially coming in to bat at No 5. But Robin is a competent opener. The moment he started opening, the fortunes of KKR changed. So think from now in what you are most competent and start working on it rather than defocussing your energy in which you have no competency. The difference between a successful and not a so successful man is that a successful man identifies his competency, has the courage to pursue it, develops on it and then uses it to change his destiny.

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