Ron's Thoughts

  • Temple – a motivational poem about god

    Temple is a place where God stays,
    In your heart is where God lays.
    So if you can touch the God inside your heart,
    Divine bliss shall always become your part.

    inspirational poem about god

  • Faith

    Faith helps you to over come all the troubles,
    If you faith, troubles will blow out like bubbles.
    So let faith become your strength,
    As faith will help you to walk the length.

  • Ron’s Poem about God’s Love

    quotes about god's love

  • A clean mind is where you can find god’s paradise

    A mind which is positive, simple and has energy, reflects itself in the conduct of a man. Such people are always happy, whatever be the situation. They are confident and have immense faith in themselves. They accept their failures without blaming others. They are full of gratitude and appreciate everyone in abundance and rarely condemn. Even in their condemnation, they do it in a way so that the person being criticised gets inspired by such criticism. They lead simple lives. They focus more on their inner self than on their outer appearance. Mental and physical fitness become a priority in their lives. They meditate regularly and involve themselves in service. Such people create happiness within and around themselves.