Ron's Thoughts

  • Become a master in your work

    Beethoven, Picasso, Sachin Tendulkar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Lata Mangeshkar, A.R Rehman are Masters in their own fields. You can be one. They followed their passion, dedicated themselves towards their work and never compromised. They never worried about the results. They did as they loved doing it. For them their work was living their dreams. They became obsessed with their work and such obsession can be compared with insanity.

    Inspire from Ron Sen

    One can become a Master only when he becomes one with what he is doing. Be a Master, focus yourself, dedicate yourself, worship what you do, don’t bother about the result, keep on trying and you too will become a Master of your work. Make Mastery a habit. Never accept any compromise, go on trying till you have achieved what you wanted.

  • A clean mind is where you can find god’s paradise

    A mind which is positive, simple and has energy, reflects itself in the conduct of a man. Such people are always happy, whatever be the situation. They are confident and have immense faith in themselves. They accept their failures without blaming others. They are full of gratitude and appreciate everyone in abundance and rarely condemn. Even in their condemnation, they do it in a way so that the person being criticised gets inspired by such criticism. They lead simple lives. They focus more on their inner self than on their outer appearance. Mental and physical fitness become a priority in their lives. They meditate regularly and involve themselves in service. Such people create happiness within and around themselves.

  • Wealth and fame is not what one should chase, As both remain for a temporary phase

    When I was writing these two lines in my verse, ‘Serve The World’ in my book  the thought which went through my mind was that wealth and fame are what we chase but both these are contrary to happiness. Wealth gives comforts, wealth gives luxuries but the amount of time and effort we spent to earn our wealth erodes happiness from our lives. Once we earn wealth, we want to hold on to it or try to earn even more. This comes out of insecurity about holding on to our position and status in society. By trying to run after the material world we lose happiness. We hardly get time to spent with our children and family and by the time we realize this, our children shun us as they have never got our company when they needed it the most. We don’t realize that wealth and fame can never be permanent. So rather than devoting ourselves to the material  needs, if we can devote time to the needs of our families, friends and neighbors, we would be able to find true happiness.