Ron's Thoughts

  • 21 things that happy and successful people do

    1) Make best use of what they have rather than complaining of what they don’t.

    2) They never compare what others have with what they have.

    3) Focus more on their performance rather than on the outcome.

    4) Focus more on appreciating rather than condemning.

    5) Focus more on accepting responsibilities rather than complaining or blaming.

    6) They are not scared of failures. They believe that failures are great teachers in life.

    7) They never get carried away by success, they know that life is a journey where failure and success are a part of the journey.

    8) Live their lives simply.

    9) Have full faith in their abilities and work towards utilizing them for the benefit of others.

    10) Empathize people and situations and act accordingly.

    11) Do not take relationships for granted, rather work towards making it stronger.

    12) Strongly believe this world is their home and they need to care for the world.

    13) Keep a smile on their face always.

    14) Read inspirational books, biographies and autobiographies to keep themselves inspired.

    15) Make positive thinking a habit.

    16) Believe in compassion.

    17) They don’t hold on to the past, neither do they get stressed about the future.

    18) They know their worth but never let that get into their head.

    19) They have full faith in God and believe whatever happens to them is for the good.

    20) They are full of gratitude.

    21) They have the will to be happy and successful.

  • Have Faith in Yourself and you shall achieve what you want

    We often tend to lose confidence in ourselves. It is during these times that we need to remind ourselves that we have overcome similar difficult situations in our lives. Rather than becoming apprehensive of the situation and doubting our abilities, we should focus on faith. Faith is a positive belief which gives us the strength that we can do it. If we practice faith, we start believing in ourselves and then nothing can deter us from our goals. Faith gives us the power to sustain during difficult times. Faith helps us to become fearless. Fear takes the wind out of our sails. So if we can replace fear by faith, victory for us will be a guaranteed.

  • Patience and Perseverance are the two virtues which attributes to success.

    While moving on in life, we face tough times. When we want to achieve our dreams, we face obstacles. And it is during these times,  that we give up. We lose our patience and the perseverance to continue giving our efforts to achieve our dreams. We tend to lose our focus as we find it difficult to continue with our efforts. We tend to ask, “when will it happen?” Remember no achiever has succeeded through easy means. And for all these achievers, patience and perseverance were their biggest tools. Swami Vivekananda said, “ If you have patience and perseverance you can drink up the entire ocean”. So never give up hope. Be patient and you shall achieve your goal.

  • Procrastination means deferring your actions, but I say by procrastinating you defer happiness

    We normally procrastinate some action as our mind relates that action with pain. For example if suppose we need to get up early in the morning and need to go for a morning walk, we postpone it every day with an excuse attached to it. When getting up early is a pain, then procrastination happens. If we can overcome the fear of this pain, then we will feel the happiness of waking up early, going out and inhaling comparatively fresher air, see the various colors of the sun at the time of sunrise, rows of birds flying together in unique formations and above all keeping ourselves healthy and energetic through the day. So rather than delaying our action if we can overcome the fear and do that needs to be done at the right time, then the fear shall disappear and the satisfaction of winning over our mind will happen. This will give immense satisfaction and happiness to the self.

  • Wealth and fame is not what one should chase As both remain for a temporary phase

    When I was writing these two lines in my verse,‘Serve The World’ in my book the thought which went through my mind was that wealth and fame are what we chase but both these are contrary to happiness. Wealth gives comforts, wealth gives luxuries but the amount of time and effort we spent to earn our wealth erodes happiness from our lives. Once we earn wealth, we want to hold on to it or try to earn even more. This comes out of insecurity about holding on to our position and status in society. By trying to run after the material world we lose happiness. We hardly get time tospentwith our children and family and by the time we realise this, our children shun us as they have never got our company when they needed it the most.We don’t realise that wealth and fame can never be permanent. So rather than devoting ourselves to the material needs, if we can devote time to the needs of our families,friends and neighbors,we would be able to find true happiness.

  • Humility is not a weakness, it is the biggest strength of human character.

    Many consider that being humble is a weakness. Humility is a rare virtue and only the wise possess it. A humble man realizes that how much ever he might have achieved, nothing in this world is permanent. What is there today may not be there tomorrow. So rather than being proud of what he has achieved, he has a humble attitude. Such people have immense strength in controlling their ego especially where people flaunt about anything good that happens in their  lives.  Such humble people can adjust themselves with all sorts of people and situations. It is their flexible nature which further empowers their character. These people are respected and loved by the society at large.

  • Savour the present moment

    Our mind is like a pendulum, swaying between the past and the future. We are either brooding over the past or fearful in anticipation of the future. We miss out on the present which is alive, which is happening and which will again become past very soon. If we focus on the present and give our 100% in whatever we do, in the present, then we shall never brood about the past. And whatever we do in the present shall shape our future. So focus the mind in the present. Enjoy every moment of the present. Soon the present will become past. If you enjoy the present, then you will have no regrets in the future.

  • Failure is the cause of success.

    Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. You succeed or fail only when you try. And both are relative. If you don’t fail, you never succeed. Failure is the best teacher. Success without failure doesn’t last long. It is all the learning that you get from failures which enriches your experience. Then you use this experience to succeed in your endeavour. Success comes out of perfection. And failure comes out of imperfection. The more you go on correcting your imperfection, the more you become perfect and a time comes when you achieve absolute perfection and that is when you succeed. So never get deterred by failures. Be happy that you failed and remember this failure will help you to succeed in future.

  • Do not judge yourself by what others think of you.

    We often judge ourselves by what others think of us. If someone says we are short tempered, we start telling ourselves that we are short tempered. By doing this we are ruled by others thoughts. We should never let others rule our lives. We need to introspect our own strengths and weaknesses and work on strengthening ourselves rather than being dictated by what others think of us. If someone criticises you, only take that bit of it which will help you to improve yourself and only when you agree that you need to rectify on those lines. Otherwise you will not lead your own life but a life the way others want you to live. This will cause conflict within yourself and give rise to unhappiness.

  • Greatness is not reflected in flaunting your ego, but in submitting it.

    Most of us think that the world around us would feel that we are big and great when we show off our wealth, our achievements. We even flaunt when we do charity. The world around us is not bothered about our wealth. Such show off only attracts hatred and jealousy from others. Why are the rich hated? The reason is that they show off. They do not think of using the abundance that they have for those who need it. On the other hand, people who do not show off but submit themselves for contributing to improving the situations around them, are respected and loved by everyone. These people become immortals through their service to mankind. They find happiness in sharing and caring for others. Such people are considered as greats in this world.