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  • The Power of Words – An Inspirational Poem about Life

    Get motivated with this inspirational poem about life.

    Power of Words
    Every word that you speak,
    Will either make you feel strong or weak.
    When you use words, be aware,
    People who use the right words, well in life they fare.

    motivational poem about life

  • a motivational poem about life lessons

    Here is another motivational poem about life lessons.

    Expand Your self
    Reach out to your big mind,
    Where the treasures of life you shall find.
    And you can do this by expanding yourself,
    You will be able to do that when within yourself you delve.

    inspirational poems about life lessons

  • An Inspirational Poem for Students

    I have written this short inspirational poem for students who seek to redefine their goals in life.

    Make a difference

    When I live everyday,
    I ask myself “What did I do today?
    To make a difference to the world where I live,
    And that can happen only when I can be selfless and give.”

    inspirational poem for students


  • A Motivational Poem About Faith

    motivational poem about faith

  • Faith

    Faith helps you to over come all the troubles,
    If you faith, troubles will blow out like bubbles.
    So let faith become your strength,
    As faith will help you to walk the length.

  • Ron’s Poem about God’s Love

    quotes about god's love

  • Motivational Quote on Success

    motivational quote in english on success by ron sen

  • A blind eye is better than a blind mind

    A blind eye is better than a blind mind

    We feel pity for the blind. We feel that they cannot see this beautiful world. But what we don’t understand that the blind have a feeling which makes them see everything even if they cannot actually see it. But what about a man with a blind mind? He can see everything, feel everything but still is blind to whatever is happening around him. These people are only concerned about their own convenience and benefits. To them their world is just them. They never feel the pains of others. They suffer from lot of grouse if they feel they are hurt but do not take a moment to hurt others. Such people are blind with selfishness and they never want to open the eyes of their mind. A blind mind is worse than a blind eye. A blind eyed man gives lot of happiness to the people around him with his love and affection. But a selfish man with a blind mind is despised by all.

  • Greatness is not in how much we have to show to the world but how much we have given to the world

    Most people feel great in accumulating wealth and power. They feel they will be respected and honored for their wealth. They get deceived by the flattering that they receive. They start believing in the flattering and fall in its trap. And the trap is that to keep this false greatness they further stress themselves and ultimately happiness deserts them. How many of us remember a very rich man in our locality? But all of us fondly remember of those people who were constantly willing to help us. These people are truly respected and honored. They always think of contribution to the society and distribution of their wealth for the needy. The world has forgotten who was the richest man 20 years back, but the world still remembers Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa and all the other greats who made a difference in the lives of many in this world.

  • Rapid fire – 10 Questions On Life

    Q) When are you fickle minded?
    A) When you are not confident of yourself.

    Q) When are you confused?
    A) When you don’t know what you want.

    Q) When are you doubtful?
    A) When you have no faith in yourself.

    Q) When are you fearful
    A) when you suffer from insecurity

    Q) When do you feel frustrated?
    A) When your expectations do not match with the outcome.

    Q) When are you stressed?
    A) When you do something which you don’t enjoy.

    Q) When do you feel tired?
    A) When you are bored of what you are doing.

    Q) When do you get angry?
    A) When something happens contrary to your liking.

    Q) When do you lie?
    A) when the truth will hurt you.

    Q) When should you cry?
    A) Only and only when you love.