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  • The 10 weapons that Maa Durga has blessed us with to conquer the world


    1. Fearlessness: There is nothing to fear. Fear shall only push you behind. Focus on the present

    moment and enjoy it. Be so fearless that fear fears you. The more you indulge in fear, the

    more negativity you shall breed. So let go off fear and be happy in life.

    2. Patience : Everything takes its time. Greatness does not evolve in a day. It takes a lot to

    achieve. Be patient with yourself, time and everyone else around you. Patience is a great

    virtue which helps man to succeed.

    3. Perseverance : Do not give up. Give that extra bit. The mind will get cramped, the body shall

    ache, but don’t give up. Giving up is the virtue of a coward.

    4. Faith : Self Belief. Believing in good. Believing that your hard work will pay off. Looking at

    your past that you have always overcome tough times will give you the faith to move on in


    5. Willpower : The power to go till the last. No temptation, no fear, no humiliation, no rebuke

    or nothing in this world can deter you from reaching your goal. You are willing to push to any

    extent to succeed.

    6. Intelligence : The power to think. This power makes man powerful. Intelligence gives rise to

    creative thinking. And Creative thinking is the mother of all inventions.

    7. Knowledge : Knowledge gives edge to intelligence. It is like the stone that polishes coal to

    make diamond. It helps one to know what needs to be done if one gets stuck. It helps man

    to survive.

    8. Experience : Experience is a teacher. It teaches us about people, about time and about life. It

    helps us to know what exactly needs to be done and when. It guides us whenever we are in

    trouble. Remember of similar experiences and you would exactly know what to do.

    9. Wisdom : This is an output of experience. More the experience more the wisdom. It helps us

    to differentiate between the wrong and the right. It helps us to make the right choice. It

    helps us not to get flustered during troubled times. It helps us not to become complacent.

    10. Peace : The art of staying calm. If one is at peace, one can easily overcome all the adversities

    of life. Peace helps in keeping a calm mind and a calm mind helps in taking proper decisions.

  • Decision, Discipline, Dedication and Delivery can change your destiny

    A short story that will show you the benefits of discipline & dedication.

    The story of the great flutist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Panditji during his early childhood was majorly into Kusti (wrestling). He used to go to the akras and participate in Kusti bouts. But he also loved playing his flute. Panditji opted to pursue playing the flute. I had heard him in an interview that he used to get up daily at 4am. And then the whole day he practiced playing the flute. He maintained the discipline without any compromise. His dedication was full. Nothing in this world could attract his attention. It was as if the flute had become his life. He had decided to be the best and he did not compromise in his discipline and dedication. And this resulted in the delivery of music from a master flutesman. The decision to play the flute, followed by the discipline and the dedication to master the flute and then delivering some of the best music on the flute that the world has ever heard had changed the destiny of Hariprasad Chaurasia. From Hariprasad the master became Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, who the world salutes for his music on the flute.

    Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia - Indrajyotisengupta - the motivational speaker in kolkata

    It is very important to understand that once you decide to do something, you need to discipline yourself. Discipline brings the best out of every human being. Then one needs to be fully dedicated to practice the discipline. Once decision has been taken, discipline and dedication strengthens to make a complete delivery. One needs to master the craft which he wants to perform. And that comes only with the combination of the four D’s. Decision, Discipline, Dedication and Delivery. And once all the four are in place the destiny of a man changes. So take a conscious decision today of what you want and then follow it up with discipline and dedication, you are bound to give your dream delivery which shall change your destiny.

    This motivational short story will help you to understand the power of Dedication & commitment. Be committed in your life and see the success will follow you.

  • From the diary of a Motivational Speaker in India

    What will make you a winner?

    “The difference between a winner and a loser is that a winner holds on a little longer.” These words belong to the great Adventurer and Motivational Guru, Mike Horn.

    I was pondering over these words when suddenly I remembered a story I had read in the book called The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. The story goes this way: A man decided to dig a well as he had heard that oil would be found. He got all the machinery and hired people to do the work. Even after 6 month, no oil was found. The man got frustrated and decided to give up on the project. The person who had supplied the machinery to this man, decided that he would try for some time. Within two days after this new person started digging, oil was found. If the man who gave up, would have stuck on a little longer, he would have achieved what he wanted.

    ron sen-motivational speaker in india

    A winner perseveres. Every big invention, every big act has come out of perseverance. All great people have followed this principle of life that is “Never give up”. Remember that once you have started your journey, you have to reach your destination. Have the courage to face the odds, have the self belief you can do it and have the energy to perform. You are bound to win.

    Being a Motivational Speaker in India, I have always emphasized the fact that give your hundred percent, don’t compromise, and sooner or later you will find your way to success. Remember every failure is going to make you stronger, so take failures as blessings and move on towards your goal. Make perseverance a habit.

  • Top Motivational Keynote Speaker in India – Ron Sen – Indrajyoti Sengupta

    Motivational Speaker in India - Ron Sen Indrajyoti Sengupta

    Book launch at crossword

    Indrajyoti Sengupta AKA Ron Sen is one of the top motivational keynote speakers in India. He is a great inspirational author, poet and writer. Here Ron Sen is conducting a motivational workshop for Kolkata Police. Ron Sen is one of the leading keynote speakers of India, corporate motivational trainer, poet and author of “The Verses of Life” – a popular inspirational book in India that contains motivational poems about life & happiness. Ron also offers expert personal motivational counselling services, public speaking, corporate motivational training. He is the director of Sangsaptak Management Services Pvt. Ltd. which imparts IT training, Language Training, Translation Services & Soft skill training. Ron was born & brought up in Kolkata. His inspirational quotes and poems about life, love & happiness already touched many hearts. You can get his book from Amazon –…

  • Ron Sen’s motivational workshop with Kolkata Police

    Ron Sen, a renowned motivational speaker and author of “The Verses of Life” is taking a workshop session of motivational training in India with a group Kolkata Police personnel. Check this motivational training video today and get inspired.


  • Inspirational Poem about Charity

    One inspirational poem about charity today.

    In charity lies happiness and bliss,
    If you haven’t done charity, you may miss,
    The power to love and share,
    Charity gives you happiness beyond compare.


    inspirational poet on charity

  • Motivational thoughts on Laziness

    Here is another inspiring thought of our Motivation Poet on Laziness.

    Laziness is a habit which makes you fall in the pit,
    Lazy people don’t act but prefer to sit,
    They delay action with some excuse,
    Laziness is of no use.
    Motivational poet of Kolkata - Ron Sen shares his view on laziness
  • Inspirational Poem that gives peace and strength – The Battle of Mind

    Here is another Inspirational Poem that gives peace and strength 
    The mind always fights between the wrong and the right,
    Be aware of this and win the fight.
    Overpower the negatives with determination and grit,
    Make positive thinking a regular habit.
    Inspirational poet in Kolkata Ron Sen with some glorious thoughts-
  • Future – An Inspirational Poem about Happiness

    Here is one more inspirational poem about happiness.

    We all become worried about tomorrow,
    We pray that we should remain happy devoid of sorrow.
    Your tomorrow will depend on the way you live today,
    So live a life of fulfillment and gay.


    motivational poem about happiness

  • Temple – a motivational poem about god

    Temple is a place where God stays,
    In your heart is where God lays.
    So if you can touch the God inside your heart,
    Divine bliss shall always become your part.

    inspirational poem about god