Ron's Thoughts

  • Asking for forgiveness is a bigger virtue than forgiving

    We often commit mistakes. We know that what we have done is wrong but still we are shy to seek pardon. We defend our actions inspite of knowing that we should seek forgiveness for what we have done. Our ego stops us from seeking forgiveness. It requires a lot of courage to conquer our ego and seek forgiveness. And this is where I feel that asking for forgiveness is a bigger virtue than Forgiving.





    Remember the moment we admit your fault, the person to whom we admit your fault will not only forgive us but also respect us for our courage and commitment towards life. It will help us to walk one step more towards attaining bigness in LIFE.

  • Stop Boasting , Start Hosting

    Well this is a fact that we all are running very fast. And the speed is because we want to become achievers. And then boast our achievements to the world. We are proud of the material things which we own and want to display that to the world. It could include the most expensive Tattoo we are displaying on our body, to the plush interiors of our flat. But after some time, we start feeling tired and stressed and unhappiness starts gripping our lives.


    The happy people realize this and they use their achievements for the benefit of many who need their generosity and contribution. The happiness that comes from it is immeasurable. Bill Gates donated a huge amount of his fortune for the benefit of mankind. He will be more remembered for hosting Humanity than being a Billionaire.

  • Regret Pulls you back

    We often regret about what has already happened. The more we regret the more we arouse negative emotions in ourselves. Brooding won’t help. One needs to take responsibility of whatever has happened and then take action to ensure that he doesn’t have to regret again.


    The more you regret, the more you push yourself towards failure.  Doubts start creeping in your mind and you are resigned to failure. Soichiro Honda never regretted when he lost two of his factories in bombing and earthquake. He took responsibility and ultimately created Honda Motors.

  • Success comes out of being fearless and having perseverance


    Recently Sri Lanka defeated India in a qualifying match in the Champions trophy. India scored a mammoth total but Sri Lanka overtook the total. How did they win? They played fearless cricket and they kept their patience. They knew their perseverance and fearlessness could win the game for them.

    This is true not only for sports but for every aspect of life. The more you fear, the more you doubt and the more you fail. And if to achieve something was easy, then everyone would have become achievers. The achievers hold on till they win. The losers give up easily.


  • Judgement blocks your mind

    We often judge people or situations. And we start branding a person or a situation bad. Often judgement is based on presumptions without taking into account the reality. While we judge we forget that we too can fall in similar situations and we may do the same thing as the person whom we are branding as bad. While judging we forget that life has various perceptions. And while making such judgement, we lose friends and relations.





    Rather than judging, if we practice empathy and compassion, we will create a positive world around us . Judgement causes blindness of mind, empathy and compassion opens up the mind and helps us to be more positive towards people and situations.

  • Life is consciousness , Living is using consciousness

    The ordinary people remain ordinary as they fail to realize the hidden giant in the form of CONSCIOUSNESS within them.

    The extraordinary people realize this hidden GIANT and use it to do extraordinary things.


    Yuvraj was 120 Kgs  a year back. Today he is 95 Kgs.  

    How did he do it?

    His consciousness helped him to realize what was hurting him and what he needed to do to get back in shape. He did just that and changed himself. 

  • Light up your mind


    Our mind emits light which helps us to illuminate the world around us. Most of the time our mind is covered by a dark veil .

    What creates this dark veil?


    Events of the past haunts us and uncertainties of the future creates panic. And so there is always a gloom in our mind.

    How can we remove this dark veil of Fear?

    Through faith in ourselves and God.  If we look back, we will see troubles have come and gone in our lives. This thought will give us the faith that there is nothing to fear and everything will be in order with time. So rather than swinging the mind between the past and the future, focus the mind in the present moment. This will help to remove fear from the mind. 

  • How to move from Temporary Inspiration to Self Inspiration?

    We all look for inspiration. For this we read motivational books, watch Biopics, Inspirational Movies and Motivational talks. But inspite of all this we fail to keep ourselves inspired for long.


    Because of self doubt. The only way we can tackle this is by observing our mind and becoming aware of the negative thoughts that are moving like dark clouds in our mind and creating doubt in ourselves. But how? By having faith in our strengths and abilities. Once we start believing ourselves, we will no more need motivation from any external forces. We will remain self inspired always.


  • Competency

    Identify and use it to the best of your ability

    All of us are competent in something or the other. We must identify our competency. This competency can be identified from our childhood. Some children are good in sports, some are good in art, some are good in music and some may be good in studies. As parents, we need to identify the competency and then help the child to build on her competencies. The child should be encouraged to practice further on her competency. Stress should be given on the competency and there should be no compromise. My nephew is an extremely competent swimmer. He has won lot of medals in the inter club swimming competitions. Very soon he is going to participate in the Nationals. He is just 10 year old. My sister has put in all her efforts as well as channelized his efforts in what he does best and that is swimming.  And this is bound to yield result as my sister is extremely uncompromising on his regular practice, on his swimming diet, on his regular physiotherapy sessions and everything associated with swimming. Today Sachin Tendulkar became an icon as he had worked tirelessly on his competency.  It is extremely important to have self- belief that one will be the best at what he is competent.


    We all need to identify at what we are best at and then build further in it so that we could become the best. Never waste your competency as if you waste, remember you lose a life which had lot of promises but failed to encash on the competency.  Today not only individual success but team success too depends on how best the captain of the team uses the competency of each team member.  In the last edition of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders became champions.  In that tournament last year, Robin Uthappa was initially coming in to bat at No 5. But Robin is a competent opener. The moment he started opening, the fortunes of KKR changed. So think from now in what you are most competent and start working on it rather than defocussing your energy in which you have no competency. The difference between a successful and not a so successful man is that a successful man identifies his competency, has the courage to pursue it, develops on it and then uses it to change his destiny.

  • Instant Inspiration from Swami Vivekananda



    1) Be of good cheer and believe that we are selected by the Lord to do great things and we will

    do them.

    2) All power is within you, believe in that, do not believe you are weak. Stand up and express

    the divinity within you.

    3) Never say “No”, never say “I cannot” for you are infinite. You can do anything and

    everything, you are almighty.

    4) Man has infinite power within himself, and he can realize it. It can be done; but you do not

    believe in it.

    5) Never talk about the faults of others, no matter how bad they may be. Nothing is ever

    gained by that. You never help anyone by talking about his fault; you do him an injury and

    injure yourself as well.

    6) Character has to be established through a thousand stumbles.

    7) Struggle is the sign of life.

    8) For fear of defeat shall I retreat from fight? Defeat is the ornament that the hero adorns

    himself with. What, to acknowledge defeat without fighting.

    9) Perseverance will finally conquer. Nothing can be done in a day.

    10) This I have seen in life- he who is overcautious about himself falls into danger every step; he

    who is afraid of losing honour and respect only gets disgrace; he who is afraid of loss always


    Series -II

    11) Take courage and work on. Patience and steady work-this is the only way. Go on; remember

    so long as you are pure and true to your principles you shall never fail.

    12) It is a tremendous truth that if there be real worth in you, the more the circumstances are

    against you, the more will the inner power manifest itself.

    13) The greater a man has become, fiercer the ordeal he had to pass through.

    14) The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.

    15) Let people say whatever they like, stick to your convictions, and rest assured the world will

    be at your feet.

    16) Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame, nor learning; it is character that can cleave

    through adamantine walls of difficulties. Bear this in mind.

    17) Not one step back, that is the idea…… Fight it out, whatever comes. Let the stars move from

    the sphere! Let the whole world stand against us. What of it? Thus fight. You gain nothing by

    becoming cowards….. Taking a step backward, you do not avoid any misfortune.

    18) We need a heart to feel, a brain to conceive, and a strong arm to do the work…. Make

    yourself a fit agent to work…. In conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.

    19) Give up criticism altogether. Help all as long as you find they are doing all right and in case

    where they are going wrong, show their mistakes gently. It is criticising each other which is

    the root to all mischief.

    20) The ideal of faith in ourselves is of the greatest help to us. Throughout the history of

    mankind, if any motive power has been more potent than another in the lives of all great

    men and women, it is that of faith in themselves.