Ron's Thoughts

  • Think differently

    Think Differently

    Can you touch the moon? The answer is No. But if we take a mirror and get the reflection of the moon on the glass mirror, we can then surely touch the moon.

    Everything in life is not straight and simple. We often do the same thing again and again which yields the same result. And then we get disappointed and ask ourselves, why are we not getting a better result in-spite of our efforts?




    The answer is, we are not thinking out of box. There is no point working hard unless we use our intelligence. Creative thinking helps us to make a difference in our performance. People who are creative go miles ahead than people who only slog and become disillusioned about the outcomes in their lives.

  • Leaders don’t push, leaders pull

    A leader is one who leads by example. The team follows the leader. The leader leads from the front and he sets the benchmark through his own performance. A leader is fully committed towards the vision and gives his best. When the team sees the commitment of the leader, then the team is willing to walk the extra mile for him.



    And through the traits of Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability and Optimism, the Leader creates a relationship with his team which helps in creating a team bonding. Once the team starts bonding with each other and with the leader, then the leader will not have to push his team any more. He will become a magnet and pull the team towards him and achieve success.

  • Make your Life a Biopic

    Have you ever imagined that a Biopic could have been made out of your life? Did M.S. Dhoni or Mary Kom ever know a biopic would be made out of their lives when they were not recognized? But yes movies were made out of them as they did exceptional things. We all have the power to be exceptional.



    We should start living an extraordinary life where people will have a lot to say about us. Let’s contribute through our work for which we will be worshiped as heroes. And we can do this by giving our best efforts. We need to identify our strengths and use them for the good of the world. And then our life itself will become a Biopic.

  • Ambition is an aspiration and greed is a temptation

    Ambition is the aspiration to achieve. Greed is temptation. People who are ambitious, work hard and use their creativity and knowledge to achieve their goals. They don’t give up, till they succeed. People who are greedy use unethical means to fulfill their desires. People who are ambitious, have grown in life to become Heroes in this world. People who are greedy and have amassed wealth and power through wrongful ways are always looked down upon. Ambition results in confidence, greed creates insecurity and anxiety.

    It was Nelson Mandela’s ambition that got freedom for South Africa. Today Mandela is worshiped in the world. Whereas Ferdinand Marcos, the President of Philippines for more than 20 years had to flee his country. It was his greed for wealth and power that brought disgrace to him and his family. Ambition
    makes you rise and greed makes you fall.

  • What is faith?

    When a child is tossed into the air by his father or mother, the child laughs. He enjoys that moment. He knows that when he falls back again, his parents will hold him. This is faith. When you have faith, you become fearless.

    Imagine the troubles that you had a few years ago? Do you still have them? The answer is No. Troubles come like waves, touch your lives and go away. Have this faith. And you will see that you will be able to cope with troubles easily. Believe, if troubles have come, they shall go as that is how life has been designed.

  • Light and darkness

    What is the difference between light and darkness? You will understand the difference the moment you put your hands to cover your eyes. The moment you put your hands on your eyes, it will become dark and the moment you take off your hands, you will see light.

    Doubts are the hands and mind is the eye. Take doubts off your mind and you will see that you will be able to perceive everything clearly. Doubts create negativity which stop you from thinking clearly and create darkness in your mind.

  • Greed is our biggest Enemy

    Greed is the biggest enemy to mankind. Greed snatches happiness from our lives. Once we fall in the greed trap, we move away from an honest life and start living a life without integrity. Greed invites tension and anxiety in our lives.

    Greed may temporarily help us to fulfill our thirst for worldly pleasures but in the long run it shall make our lives dry of love and respect. Greed will always want to tempt us but we need to realize that greed is nothing but poison which shall ruin our lives.

  • Wake up, time is running away

    Do you realize that every time the seconds hand in your watch takes a complete rotation, you have lost a minute from your life. And suddenly you will find you have lost hours, days and years. Time runs very fast and you cannot hold on to time.



    So wake up and start moving. There is no time to procrastinate as later you might have to repent. So if you need to exercise, start it from tomorrow. Or else a time will come, when even if you want to exercise, your body will not have the strength to do it. We often curse our luck for bad things that happen in our lives without realizing that if we would have acted in time then the bad days would have never come. A stitch in time saves nine.

  • Why can’t we mind our own business?

    Much of our time goes in discussing lives of others. This is our favorite past time. But by meddling into others lives, it does not add value to our lives. So it’s time we stop discussing about others lives and concentrate on how we can contribute to this world to make it a better place.







    Making this world beautiful should be our business rather than discussing about people. This will help us to expand our mind and make us do extraordinary things. Great people have vision and they run after their vision. They don’t have the time to discuss about others. And that is how they achieve greatness.

  • Self Esteem vs Compromise

    There comes situations in life where a fight goes on within us. The fight is between Self Esteem and Compromise. Often our heart says “ No more taking nonsense” but the mind says “ I have no option as ‘this’ is very important in life.” The ‘this’ could be a relationship, could be our job or could be something which is extremely important for us.




    If it is extremely important to hold on to something which may be hurting our self esteem but we know that without it our life will become very difficult to live, then we need to compromise. But compromise has to be done without resistance and by accepting the realities of the situation. This will help both our heart and mind to be in peace.