July 2017

Ambition is an aspiration and greed is a temptation

Ambition is the aspiration to achieve. Greed is temptation. People who are ambitious, work hard and use their creativity and knowledge to achieve their goals. They don’t give up, till they succeed. People who are greedy use unethical means to fulfill their desires. People who are ambitious, have grown in life to become Heroes in this world. People who are greedy and have amassed wealth and power through wrongful ways are always looked down upon. Ambition results in confidence, greed creates insecurity and anxiety.

It was Nelson Mandela’s ambition that got freedom for South Africa. Today Mandela is worshiped in the world. Whereas Ferdinand Marcos, the President of Philippines for more than 20 years had to flee his country. It was his greed for wealth and power that brought disgrace to him and his family. Ambition
makes you rise and greed makes you fall.

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